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released April 3, 2014

Alex McIntyre - piano, cello, vox
Andrew Joyce - guitar, trumpet, vox
Archie O'Neal - alto sax, mandolin, piano, vox
Caroline Walden - lead vox
Chad Miller - glockenspiel, coconuts, percussion, organ
Chris Deese - drums
Jared McGrath - lead vox
Jed Paz - drums
Lisa Rossi - lead guitar
Michael Stearns - violin, arrangements, vox
Tom Speers - bass, flute

“We Know Yr Secrets” conceived by Justin Chen and Jared McGrath.
“Dearly Blue” conceived by Andrew Joyce.
“PB&Jam” conceived by the Merry Go Rounds.
"Darling Diane" and "The Twist" conceived by Archie O'Neal.
“ICU” conceived by Caroline Walden and Michael Stearns.
"First Snowfall" conceived by Jared McGrath.
"Free" conceived by Jared McGrath and Caroline Walden.
"Waiting" conceived by Chris Deese, Archie O'Neal, Jared McGrath, Caroline Walden, and Michael Stearns.

All songs realized by the Merry Go Rounds.

Mixed, with love, by Archie O’Neal.
Mastered, with Archie, by Greg Hendler.
Recorded and produced, with produce, at Under the Couch.



all rights reserved


The Merry Go Rounds Atlanta, Georgia

Indie pop-rock collective from Atlanta, GA.

Caroline Walden: lead vocals
Fielding Keeley: lead guitar
Jed Paz: drums
Mitcham Tuell: saxophone, synthesizer, vocals
Nick Bond: bass
Tanika Bantukul: violin, vocals
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Track Name: We Know Yr Secrets
Oh Columbia my dear, do you hear my cry?
I've been laid low and now I stand in fear
Wipe away all my tears and tell me it's all right
For there's not a fright for which can stand your might
I'm so glad you're by my side

What’s the meaning of all this
How could I be deceived
I trusted you to always take care of me

Maybe I’m to blame
You said I could relax
So hard to retain
When I gave you all you asked

But can I take it back
All of my past tracks
The red the white the blue

All I wanna do is just take it all from you
And savor all the truth you gave so easily
You say it’s not our biz, what we do is amiss
But you keep on in bliss and in ignorance
It’s what you wanted after all

Unaware of your pursuits
I gave away my youth
Laid it out for you
Blinded from the truth 

So you came and left behind
A fear within my soul
But soon enough you’ll find
That you are not in control

Is it all too late
You must accept your fate
We know your secrets
But you can keep them!

This is what you wanted...
Track Name: Dearly Blue
I believe that I'm afflicted with anxiety
Of the self image variety
I'm paralyzed by fear of when I'll be replaced
Just an anomaly, neurotic and deranged
Old memories, an echo, I'm perfect and sane

When I can just pretend that the future's far away
And begin to sew the fabrics of a subtle symphony

It seems that I cannot function, especially when
I find myself in these situations
I analyze, extrapolate, and then deduce
Scenarios in which I can be of some use
Regardless, I think they'll see through my facade

But I can just pretend that the future's far away
And begin to sew the fabrics of a subtle symphony
Of promises, broken or fulfilled
Burning bridges dotting landscapes of expanding entropy

I refuse anything that sounds like a good idea
Abuse, I cannot fathom living a life that
Won't include a failure of my own invention
Dearly blue, and darkened thoughts solely remain to entertain

And can I just pretend that the future's far away
And begin to sew the fabrics of a subtle symphony
Of promises, broken or fulfilled
Burning bridges dotting landscapes of expanding entropy

If I could choose, if I could set my thoughts aflame
Then I'd remove the part of me that holds you down
My dearly blue
Track Name: PB&Jam
Well when I was younger they told me to wait
Said "child, you're so wild, learn to hesitate"
So for awhile I felt guilt for my sins
It's taken all my life just to forgive it again

When I was young, living outside the city
Said "girl, all you must do in this world is stay pretty"
Now that I'm older I know it's a lie
It's taken all my life, it's taken all my life
To take it all back

All I want is someone to love me
Heaven above or hell below me
Said all I want is someone to love me
Heaven above or hell below me

I was a fool, was a fool for your love
So when you took it away, I thought "fair enough"
Now that I've moved on I know who I am
It's taken all my life just to remember again

I was impatient and prone to shame
I took my entire life and tried to throw it away
Now I am tryin' to forgive my own sins
And I've got all my life left to feel happy again

All I want is someone to love me
Heaven above or hell below me
Said all I want is someone to love me
Heaven above or hell below me
Track Name: Darling Diane
Oh darling Diane, give me back your hand
I'm feeling so blue and alone
Give me one more chance, or even a glance
Diane, I swear that I've grown

The first time I saw her, I just could not drop her
At ev'ry chance, I took a peek
When she caught me spyin', she pounced like a lion
and I was bedridden for weeks

Oh darling Diane, come take back your man
I'm feeling so blue and alone
I can't understand why you left me so stranded
Diane, please pick up the phone

I loved that vixen, but she started nixin'
my every disheartened advance
One minute she's laughin' that love's amaranthine
The next is the death of romance

Oh darling Diane, give me back your hand
I'm feeling so blue and alone
Give me one more chance, or even a glance
Diane, I swear that I've grown

Can't she see we would be fine?
Chemistry tells me she's mine

Oh darling Diane, give me back your hand
I'm feeling so blue and alone
Give me one more chance, or even a glance
Diane, I swear that I've grown

Oh darling Diane, let me be your man
I'm feeling so blue and alone
I can't understand why you left me so stranded
Darling, please pick up the phone

Diane, please pick up the phone!
Track Name: ICU
It could rain all day
the skies could all be gray
but I won't mind
as long as I get to see you

I could stand headaches
and even stomachaches
but I won't mind
as long as I get to see you

'Cause even bad days
they don't get me down
and even worse days
they won't see me frown
no matter what bad may come my way
I'll be okay
as long as I get to see you

I could miss my ride
and have to walk six miles
I wouldn't care
because I know that you'd be there

I may break some bones
visit the hospital
but I'll be fine
you'll come and hold my hand all night

Darling take my hand
and say you'll be my man
we'll be all right
sleeping soundly through the night

And there will be no roads
that leave you all alone
just stay with me
and I know we'll be happy
Track Name: First Snowfall
Something's sticking to the street outside
Something’s covering the cars
I can’t make it out, I can’t see what it is
But then again you know I can’t see very far

Everything’s turned monochrome
But it’s so beautiful and bright
As I recall I quite enjoyed the fall
But this winter’s kinda turning out all right

It’s snow, it’s snow,
It’s snowing outside
How do I know
It’s all covered in white
You know, you know
Now that I’ve had it this way
I know how I want
To spend this cold winter’s day

We used to take long walks in the park
But now the path’s covered in ice
That’s okay, I can handle this for a day
And don’t you know, I think this weather’s rather nice

I feel the cold air fill my lungs
It’s making breathing hard to do
It doesn’t matter even in this frozen weather I’m still warm
As long as I’m here with you

I’m convinced right now there could be nothing better
And those snow angels, they do not hold forever
I’ll be lying here with you in all this frozen weather
I’ll keep this moment in a snowglobe that never breaks
That never breaks
That never breaks

It’s snow, it’s snow
It’s snow, it’s snow
Track Name: The Twist
He was a doozy, he'd knock you dead with charm
She was a floozy so she naturally dove into his arms
(I bet their kids will look divine)
It was about that time I shut the TV set
And started wondering if life was just a joke I didn't get
(Waiting for the punchline...)

Where is the punch line, where is the twist?
Is there a deeper truth or is there just a gist?
There are a thousand stories I would tell if only they were true
and a million thoughts I've never had if life is deja vu
Is there something I missed?
Now I am through with this.

I got to drinking, what else was there to do?
I got to thinking we're just metaphors from someone's point of view
(Just lines in conversation)
With one-way mirrors through which we may not see
Our mastermind peers in and probes our cosmic surreality
(It's time to go to sleep)

I drew the blinds and stumbled into bed
with troubled mind I tried to fall asleep but I woke up instead
(Into the superdimension)
The beings there had never heard of planet earth
they vaporized my essence but they told me they would hasten my rebirth
(Into a world of huge headaches)
Track Name: Free
Everything I’ve ever known
I picked it up before I was grown
And lost it along the way somehow
It’s gotten so hard to feel

It’s been a cold, cruel winter
I’m breathing through clenched teeth
I’m so sick of making promises
That I can never keep

The night you held my hand
You found me crying on the stairs, you said
The past can never take its leave
When what you’ve been is all that you can see

And it’s been so long
Since I felt like I could be strong
But I would bear the greatest weight
To keep you from feeling the same

You were on your way downtown
The day that you found out
That you had been wrong all along
Thinking you were better off alone

Now you’re looking for a sign
In all these neon lights
I hope you find your way back home
I hope you find your way back to me

Don’t walk away
Stay with me
I know we’ve seen the hardest things
But I believe we’ll be free
Track Name: Waiting
It’s a long drive under the moonlight
But if I spend one more night in this old room
I fear that I might
Anxiously relapse into my youth

Yeah, you’ve got excuses
For every word you said and thing you did
I was just a kid
And I’m still trying to work it out

So I reach my destination
There’s fear in the air and I swear it’s contagious
I came here for a reason
‘Til I see it through there’s no way that I’m leaving

Yeah, you’ve had excuses
For every word you said and thing you did
Well I’m just a kid
And I’m still trying to work it out

I guess it’s true what you meant when you said
I succumb to the fears in my head
It’s funny how the memories that fade
Can really make you wonder just what are you waiting for?

It’s a quiet drive into the sunrise
I’ve never felt alive like this before
And I feel that I might
Finally be freed of my private war

Never thought I'd see you change
Maybe I'm amazed at the way it is
We’re all just kids
And we’re all still trying to work it out

Now I’m seeing everything with new eyes
And for the first time in my life
Every dream’s within reach, everyone is the same
I know what I must be and I’m not gonna wait anymore